Jack has been a member of the Northern Ireland Select Committee since 2010. Their recent inquiries have included; effects of the EU referendum, Electricity and Tourist Industry in Northern Ireland.

Jack was honoured to be elected by his fellow Conservative MPs as Chair of the Backbench 1922 Defence Committee. This Committee brings together Conservative backbench MPs to discuss defence issues, as well as put confidential pressure on the Government. This year the Committee has been address by the Ministers of Defence for Procurement and for the Reserves as well as by Trident and Military History expert Lord Hennessy.

In Westminster Jack has been the Chair of three All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) since the General Election in 2015. The APPG for 22q11 Syndrome was set up at the request of a constituent who has a child who suffers from the Syndrome. There are around 35,000 suffers in the Country. This APPG will be producing a report to send to the Department of Health this summer. The APPG for Apprenticeships is one of the largest APPGs in Parliament and has produced a report on "Disseminating Good Practice" which has been sent to the Minister for Apprenticeships. As Chair of the APPG for Gibraltar, one of the most longstanding APPGs in Parliament, Jack has been able to support the Military needs of Gibraltar and reassure Gibraltarians that e Parliament supports them staying British.

Latest News

29 JUN 2017

Jack Lopresti becomes Kurdistan APPG Chairman

With the debates in the House of Commons resuming, Jack Lopresti MP has started to take on more...

26 JUN 2017

Jack Attends Annual Armed Forces Day Event

On Saturday, Jack Lopresti MP attended the annual South Gloucestershire Armed Forces Day event; this...

13 APR 2017

Jack welcomes Chris Grayling to discuss transport improvements

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling visited Filton and Severn Beach today and gave his backing to MP...


Upcoming Business – Commons: Westminster Hall (4 Jul 2017)
Kurdistan region in Iraq – Jack Lopresti. Westminster Hall debate; 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Daesh (13 Mar 2017)
Jack Lopresti: Will my right hon. Friend reassure the House that we are doing everything possible to help local indigenous forces on the ground with the liberation of Mosul and the defeat of Daesh, not only in relation to equipment and ammunition, but with regard to access to medical care, protective equipment such as helmets and body armour, and getting the right supplies and expertise for their wounded?