21 MAR 2014

MP calls for a guarantee on Frenchay Hospital Health Care Services

A debate on Health Care in South Gloucestershire was held in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening after the Budget debate. Jack Lopresti MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke and Chris Skidmore MP for Kingswood, who had managed to secure the debate, made speeches concerning the Independent Reconfiguration Panel [IRP] 's response to Secretary of State for Health on Healthcare provision in South Gloucestershire.

The Healthcare Provision in the South Gloucestershire area will not be having a full referral which means that Frenchay Hospital will not have out patients and diagnostic services, and beds will be relocated. The Frenchay site will only provide three patient services (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, a Head Injury Unit and Headway Bristol) during redevelopment of the site from May 2014 to 2016.

Jack Lopresti MP's registered with the Minister and the House of Commons his disappointment in the IPRs decision in relation to Frenchay. Jack but pointed out that the IPR was scathing of the local Health Care Providers

Jack Lopresti MP said in the debate: "The IPR says that it is understandable that residents, and I quote, "should feel exasperated by the years of delay" and "amendments to plans". IPR concludes that the whole process has shown a "marked lack of empathy" by the local healthcare providers "for patients and public who have the right to expect better.

"10 years down the line my constituents deserve more than the ongoing confusion, the broken promises, the moving of goal posts. I can understand why a large number of my constituents are not convinced there is going to be any healthcare provision left at Frenchay in the future except perhaps a care home.

"I would like a guarantee that health services are going to be provided at the Frenchay site in the future. My constituents and I also want to know on what basis the services will be provided".

Jane Ellison MP, Minister for Public Health responded in the debate: "I would like to make clear that despite this interim arrangement, the NHS confirms it remains committed to achieving a long term solution for the provision of beds at Frenchay."

Jack Lopresti MP says: "I took heart in the Minister's response that the removal of beds from Frenchay was a temporary measure and I am hoping the Minster will be able to come and see the Frenchay site, for herself, in the near future."

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