24 NOV 2016

MetroBus meeting

Earlier today I had a meeting with representatives from South Gloucestershire Council, MetroBus, contractors Alun Griffiths, local Councillors, including Councillor Colin Hunt, South Gloucestershire's lead Councillor for Transport, to discuss the ongoing problems with gridlock in Bradley Stoke resulting from the works to create the MetroBus scheme. Many people in Bradley Stoke have been expressing their frustration at the delays that have been caused as a result of the closure of one lane on the approach to the Aztec West roundabout from Monday 14th November.

The contractors told me about the problems that have delayed the works in Bradley Stoke since they started in September 2015, in particular the unchartered water main, gas main and other services. Contractors Alun Griffiths also made me aware of the scale of the difficulties they have faced and the number of different locations that they have encountered problems. They tell me they have been working extra hours to get the work done and that they do not anticipate finding any further unchartered utilities under the ground. I asked them to consider working on the sites for more hours each day to get the work done as quickly as possible and to minimise the congestion at peak times. They told me that with the constraints they have to work under, ie health and safety, this was very difficult.

However, the contractors have told me that they have opened up an extra lane on Bradley Stoke Way today and within a couple of weeks or so they hope to have the third lane from Bradley Stoke Way on to Aztec West open once they have finished work next to the closure. I would say that the contractors were keen to stress that the barriers they have put in place are for the safety of pedestrians and road users. The contractors have assured me that if there are any further issues which could lead to congestion they will make me and residents aware in advance.

I am also awaiting a formal response from the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, who I met earlier this week to ask for his help and intervention on this matter.

The local work is due to be complete in the early part of next year and I look forward to MetroBus being in operation in Autumn 2017. It will provide one of the key improvements to our public transport infrastructure that has been much needed in our area for many years. More details can be found on the MetroBus website, https://travelwest.info/metrobus/all-you-need-to-know

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01454 617783 or jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk with any further issues.

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