Campaign to save Frenchay Hospital

Jack has fought against the decision by the last Labour government to downgrade services at Frenchay Hospital when he was a parliamentary candidate and has continued to fight for Frenchay Hospital since he has been elected. Jack will continue to lead the campaign to save Frenchay Hospital and periodical updates can be found here.

Jack has always fought against the decision by the last Labour Government to downgrade Frenchay Hospital in 2005. Despite Frenchay being the preferred option by the public and the huge public opposition, the last Government took the decision to downgrade services offered at Frenchay and instead make Southmead the new North Bristol acute Hospital.

Jack has previously commented, "The future of Frenchay Hospital is incredibly important and an emotive local issue ever since the previous Labour Government decided to downgrade our beloved hospital for political gain. More recently Labour and the Liberal Democrats on South Gloucestershire Council voted down plans put forwarded by the Conservatives to retain services at Frenchay. This was purely and cynically party political, and not at all in the interests of the people of South Gloucestershire. I am shocked that Labour are willing to risk the future of our local hospital in order to engage in political point scoring. More proof, if any were needed, that Labour can never again be trusted with our NHS.

Along with my colleague Chris Skidmore MP, I will continue to fight for Frenchay Hospital."


Update 14/07/15: Jack called a Westminster Hall debate on Health provision in South Gloucestershire where he raised his concerns about Frenchay Community Hospital. The full debate can be found here.


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