Jack is a keen supporter and campaigner for the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association. Since 2011, the British Nuclear Test Veterans' Association has been campaigning for recognition of the veterans' unique service to their country. The British Nuclear Test Veterans' Association has also been campaigning for a £25 million benevolent fund will be allocated to help with treatment and pay for care for the illnesses they and their families are suffering as a result of their service

Between 1952 and 1967, more than 20,000 service people took part in the British Nuclear Test programme in the South Pacific where hundreds of test nuclear weapons were detonated. BNTVA campaigners believe veterans who were present for the testing of these nuclear weapons have suffered higher than normal rates of cancer and rare disorders. Their spouses and children have also suffered as some children have been known to be born with rare genetic disorders and deformities.

Jack said "It is about time that these veterans' get the recognition they deserve for their unique and valiant service. Every other country in the world who took part in nuclear tests have recognised and compensated their nuclear veterans, apart from the UK.

We owe these men a huge debt of gratitude as they helped us gain the knowledge to produce and maintain a nuclear deterrent.

These men were serving our country and doing their duty, despite knowing the dangers that nuclear radiation presented, it's now time for our government to acknowledge its duty and responsibilities to these veterans and give them the recognition they deserve."


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